Past and present cooperation. Not all private persons, individuals and other legal bodies are necessarily mentioned. One-time or long-term cooperation.

Research Centre for Toxic Compounds in the Environment
Department at Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, with its own research and development, educational programmes and expert activities within the field of environmental contamination.

Hive Division
Independent Italian production studio with main focus on new cinematic trends.

Quick! Translations
Czech translation agency.

Top Czech video game distribution company. Publishing and localization of video games for PC and consoles.

Alchemic Dream
The premier international provider of services for companies that publish and develop MMOs, virtual worlds, social games, casual games, mobile games and transmedia content.

Electronic Arts
American global corporation dealing with development, publishing and distribution of video games. EA also provides video game localization and localization testing services as an integral part of their processes.

Computer Games Distribution
Top Czech video game distribution company (former CD Projekt CZECH). Publishing, localization and localization testing of video games for PC and consoles.

Leading Czech video game magazine established in 1995.
Leading Czech website about anything and everything related to video games.
Czech platform focused on Game Studies.

Banzai Interactive
Game development and interactive entertainment software media assets outsourcing company.

Galerie Caesar

One of the most important contemporary art galleries in the Czech Republic, cooperative for support of fine arts.

22nd SAS Regiment, Squadron R

Military re-enactment club focused on SAS – contemporary British special forces.

Moravia Worldwide (Moravia IT)
Leading global provider of localization, testing, internationalization, multilingual publishing and technical translation services.

Cinema Mundi International Film Festival

Inaugurated in 2010, the Cinema Mundi International Film Festival is held annually in Brno, Czech Republic. It is focused on contemporary films by well-known, as well as less-known authors.


Czech publishing house publishing mainly sci-fi and fantasy books.

TopCD (TopQer)

Czech video game distribution company. Publishing, localization and localization testing services. – Czech Game Page

Czech Community fan website providing all-round coverage of video game scene.

Panorama I.L.A.
Czech language agency, prominent provider of corporate language education, translation, interpreting and soft skills training.